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Attractions in Jakarta

Jakarta's rich past is displayed in a series of fascinating museums that dot the Indonesian capital's landscape. Travelers experience local history by visiting the Jakarta History Museum. This institution houses a collection of artifacts, all of which pertain to Jakarta's long and complex history. The building in which the museum is housed was built in 1707 when the Dutch ruled the territory and is an attraction itself because of its graceful construction and its previous status as Jakarta's City Hall.

Another museum of note is the National Museum, which houses a collection of objects from around the world, ranging from prehistory to the modern era. Absorbing in its scope, the museum completed an expansion project in the 1990's, and visitors should allow several hours to peruse the institution's collections.

Indonesia's rich fishing and maritime culture is displayed at the Maritime Museum in Jakarta. The building in which the museum resides was built in 1652 and once housed spices which were being packaged for shipment all over the world. This storied history evokes an era when ocean travel was perilous and Indonesian spices were coveted and precious. The Maritime Museum brings this era to life for visitors, as well as other fascinating aspects of Indonesia's relationship with the sea.

One of Jakarta's most popular attractions for families is the Ragunan Zoo. Home to 550 species, many of which are indigenous to Indonesia, the zoo is an exploration of the exotic in a tropical setting. The zoo's collection is constantly expanding and the facilities are known for being lush and accommodating to their inhabitants. Consider visiting on a weekday, as this tends to be a slightly less crowded option.

Families should also consider visiting the Jaya Ancol Dreamland, which features an ambitious array of attractions such as Sea World, Fantasy World, and Atlantis Water Adventure. Shopping and entertainment experiences abound in this complex, where visitors can indulge in everything from golf and bowling to movies and massages.

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