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Getting Around Jakarta

Jakarta's transportation system helps people get around its congested streets and neighborhoods reasonably well. It includes a system of buses, mini-taxis, trains and other modes of transportation that are easy to use. Here's a quick mini-guide that can help travelers use Jakarta's transportation system more efficiently.

Jakarta's mini-taxis are efficient and easy to use.
Over 200 local taxi companies offer travelers rides to areas in and around Jakarta 24 hours a day every day of the week. Many of these taxi companies send taxis to local tourist hangouts and major business centers to wait for passengers. However, travelers should try to call to book a ride in advance because many taxi companies offer discounts for booking rides in advance.

Jakarta also offers bus service that is reasonably efficient.
For example, many privately owned bus companies provide around-the-clock service to the Downtown District, the Mentang District, the Mangga Dua District and other tourist hot spots. Passengers can board these busses at one of the four main terminals located in the Kalideres neighborhood, the Kampung Rambutan district, the Pulo Gadung shopping district and the Lebak Bulus neighborhood. Passengers who use these busses should be prepared to face very crowded conditions during the workweek because many people use the buses to get to and from work.

As a result, travelers should consider traveling to some of Jakarta's hidden shopping and dining districts by boarding one of several mini-buses that run along more localized routes. These buses run from sunrise to dusk and offer passengers more breathing room.

Finally, Jakarta also offers a very efficient train system that is rapidly becoming the most popular form of transportation.
Jakarta has four major train stations that serve as starting points for one of the four major routes that crisscross the city. These stations are located in the Gambir District, the Pasar Senen neighborhood, the Tanah Abang District and the Kota District. Trains run approximately every 10 minutes from these stations during the workweek and approximately every 15 minutes on weekends. In addition, passengers who need help finding area restaurants and hotels can ask for help at any of the information desks that are located at these stations.

Furthermore, passengers can purchase train tickets while boarding the train or at any of over 1,000 ticket dispensers that dot the city. As a result, travelers who need extra help using Jakarta's transportation system should consider using the city's train system until they get a better idea of how to get around this beautiful city.

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